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Some moments deserve a special mention.

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They have devoted themselves to a vision and have achieved their objectives. Their perseverance is our inspiration.

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Information is the 'food' which feeds economic growth. Read the latest news impacting Africa's private sector.

Lazaro Mwakipesile

Founder of Raphael Group (Tanzania)

AFIF Entrepreneurship Award 2015

"This is a moment for all the entrepreneurs from Tanzania. I am not only representing Raphael Group but also all the business people in my country who believe in what they do. This is a very special moment for me and everyone back home.”

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A debate is relevant only if it gathers the voices of professionals and combines it with practical cases and solutions.

Allon Raiz

Allon Raiz

Founder & CEO, Raizcorp, South Africa

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They came, they experienced and they want to share their thoughts about it with you.

Tom Derksen

Tom Derksen

Managing Director Agriculture - SNV EAST AND SOUTHERN AFRICA

“The issue of finance is key and a core element in promoting inclusive and sustainable agribusinesses. There is a need for innovative financing mechanisms to serve the missing middle SMEs by providing equity investments and loans. There are a number of interesting examples, but now is the time to bring these emerging solutions to scale.”

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We seek to empower the spirit of entrepreneurship in Africa

  • Facilitate access to finance
  • Connect businesses horizontally and vertically
  • Create an exchange of know-how
  • Engage the relevant Public-Private dialogue
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Information is the ‘food’ which feeds economic growth. Read the latest news impacting Africa’s Private Sector.

1.2 billion opportunities

1.2 billion opportunities

The commodity boom may be over, and barriers to doing business are everywhere. But Africa’s market of 1.2 billion people still holds huge promise.