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The Africa Finance & Investment Forum 2008 gathered participants from across the world, of which over 50% from Africa. The forum brought together over 200 delegates from 29 countries and 4 continents.

The event focused on the latest investment and financing opportunities in Africa by introducing concrete business solutions in sectors that help build toward long term economic development. In the context of the current global
economic turmoil, the success of the Forum reflected the current positive change in the African business environment, demonstrating how Africa is becoming a key player on the global economic stage and a very viable choice for solid investments.

Finance in Africa: The opportuities and hurdles.

To ensure that participants gained maximum output from the event, EMRC worked with development agencies, business schools, commercial banks and other financial institutions to offer the best platform to match the demands for investment in Africa with worldwide investors.


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We seek to empower the spirit of entrepreneurship in Africa

  • Facilitate access to finance
  • Connect businesses horizontally and vertically
  • Create an exchange of know-how
  • Engage the relevant Public-Private dialogue
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1.2 billion opportunities

1.2 billion opportunities

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