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The AfDB-EMRC SME Forum attracted more than 300 delegates from 41 countries spread over 4 continents, especially from Africa.

Participants included entrepreneurs interested in securing finance for projects and seeking project partnerships, policy makers, financiers, technical assistance organizations, international financial institutions and bankers.

The presentations highlighted the financial and non financial barriers that SMEs face and focused on the most innovative financial tools and the role that commercial banks and other financial groups are playing in providing loans, equity and technical assistance. A distinctive feature of this forum was the organisation of business-to-business (B2B) meetings, where participants discussed practical business
and partnership proposals.

Despite the recognized importance of the SME sector as set out in the SME Finance Task Group Work Plan for 2011 (included as part of the G20 Principals for Innovative Financial Inclusion), studies show that SMEs, particularly those in the “Missing Middle” in developing low and middle-income countries, have historically lacked access to financial products and services critical to their growth. A concerted effort of the global community is taking place to address the financial and non-financial needs of this target group.

The AfDB-EMRC SME Forum was built on these efforts and identified the implications and opportunities in an African context.


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We seek to empower the spirit of entrepreneurship in Africa

  • Facilitate access to finance
  • Connect businesses horizontally and vertically
  • Create an exchange of know-how
  • Engage the relevant Public-Private dialogue
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