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Entrepreneurship Award

Nairobi, Kenya | 13 February 2017 - 16 February 2017

In the framework of the 2017 edition of the Africa Finance & Investment Forum and to encourage sustainable development, economic growth, innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa, EMRC will present the "AFIF Entrepreneurship Award 2017", offering a financial contribution and exposure/visibility to an African SME for a project with good impact.

The “AFIF Entrepreneurship Award 2017” is sponsored by the Rabobank Foundation.

The award winner will receive a cash prize, one year of media promotion and support within and outside of Africa, free participation in the AFIF 2017, including the training, conference and travel expenses to the AFIF 2017.

Previous Awards

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AFIF Entrepreneurship Award 2015

Lazaro Mwakipesile

Founder of Raphael Group (Tanzania)

"This is a moment for all the entrepreneurs from Tanzania. I am not only representing Raphael Group but also all the business people in my country who believe in what they do. This is a very special moment for me and everyone back home.”


Health Award Winner

Markus Labuschagne

Altis Biologics, South Africa

"I was lucky enough to present in front of all the big investors here which really puts our company and name on the map. So now we can have more access to funds and strategic partners."


EMRC-Rabobank Project Incubator Award 2015

Ruth Kinoti

Shalem Investments (Kenya)

" What I will always remember is that I managed to share my project and my dreams in front of people from all over the world. The audience was remarkable and winning the award is a moment that I am sure will change my business forever."


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We seek to empower the spirit of entrepreneurship in Africa

  • Facilitate access to finance
  • Connect businesses horizontally and vertically
  • Create an exchange of know-how
  • Engage the relevant Public-Private dialogue
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